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Social media use fading?

Depending on who and where you ask, social media use is changing. For interesting user stats, click here.

Powerful search tools for survivors

The weekend’s horrific natural disasters remind us of how fast news travels, thanks to technology.  And thanks to tools like Google’s People Finder, search options have a whole new meaning. Read more.

96 free blog topics

From professional blogger, nonprofit advocate and D.C. dweller Geoff Livingston, here are 96 free professional topics for blogs.  See topics.

Method behind the logo madness

Ever wonder what graphic designers and others were thinking when they created logos for icons like Amazon, Federal Express and IBM?  Here are the hidden meanings behind 12 popular logos.  Read more.

Top PR trends for 2011

Public relations professionals from around the country predict the top 11 industry trends for next year.  Read what they are.

Competition for Facebook?

A New York University researcher says that because “Facebook is not smarter than all the rest of the programmers in the entire world, some kind of social structure is going to emerge that is going to need a new kind of system. It’s just a question of when and what form.” Read more.

The one thing to get right in branding

The companies that will succeed in today’s multi-media environment are exploiting the many opportunities presented by social media while keeping an unwavering eye on their brand promise.  Read how.

Is the social media fad fading?

Marketing agency president, author and BusinessWeek.com columnist Steve McKee shares his recent experience regarding a “been there,done that” attitude regarding social media. Read the article.

No new media, but new media consumption

There’s a whole generation of people who has either grown up, or are growing up, on the Internet. Their consumption and online behavior are all about abundance. Read more.

Poll shows people more connected via social media

About 57% of online adults say they feel more connected to people now via social media, and 56% say they find they keep in touch more with friends now than in the past. Although people may feel more connected, they are not actually seeing people more.  Is that good or bad? Read more.

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