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View on “The View”: Good or Bad PR?

I could easily live the rest of my life without ever seeing “The View“, so for President Obama to make an appearance on the talk show that discusses the latest Kim Kardashian tweets borders on absurdity.  How can the appearance possibly be regarded as statesman-like?  Do presidents of other countries make similar choices?  How in the world could Obama choose what appears to be some lightweight program with four hens just a cackling and pecking one another?  Seriously, he choose Joy Behar over the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts?  As a public relations strategist, I question the move – UNLESS it was a purposeful quasi-military tactic to go where your strongest supporters are.  Connsider his abysmal approval ratings and since “The View” attracts a large female contingency, it makes perfect sense for Obama to stop by and say whatever he said to the gender credited for electing him.   If I were advising him, I might recommend the same tactic, which is basically go where you’re liked to help ensure that you’re still liked in future elections.  Two virtual Cups of Joe to the White House communications staff for putting their “client” first, not to mention likely job security in the future.  Up next: a regular segment on Oprah.  

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  1. Glenda B says:

    At this rate, our President may be the new replacement for Simon Cowell on American Idol. I'm so embarrassed for America.

  2. everydaypr says:

    I hear there are two openings, so maybe there could be a husband-wife team.

  3. Coles says:

    Obama has publicly stated that he is going after his base of blacks, women and kids now to counter the Republican onslaught coming this fall, which is exactly why he was on The View, as you noted. Still doesn't change the fact that it made him look like an amateur.

  4. Lynn Williams says:

    I'm not sure how this was any different from when President & Laura Bush appeared on the Dr. Phil Show: http://drphil.com/shows/show/529. His core constituency is not offended with his accessiblity. Why would this become a media scandal and an appearance by Pres. Bush not?

    It is not at all unusual for leaders of state in Great Britian, France and who knows what other countries to use popular media to reach the masses with their message. What is unusual for many American's these days is an acceptance of society's informal behavior overall (really, should those girls have worn flip-flops to the White House?) and society's movement toward relaxing standards of protocol that only reflect the past.

    What is important here? That people get information or that the information is packaged right?

    • everydaypr says:

      I think you've opened my eyes to something – protocol and informal behavior. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I believe in respect for the Office of the White House, but I also believe in maintaining some formalities like wearing a coat and tie in the Oval Office. While going on The View isn't my idea of statesmanship, I completely agree that it was a good PR call, and I fully expect to see more calls in that vein. In other words, my personal and professional perceptions differ, and you're right to point out today's less formal behaviors and vehicles for communications. Thanks, Lynn, for your insights.

  5. Laura L. says:

    I did hear that highlights from the appearance included Obama claiming that his distant cousin Brad Pitt got the looks in the family and Barbara Walters responded, "I think you're very sexy." Another soundbite from Obama: "I'm skinny, but I'm tough." How dignified. I'm willing to consider the idea that he was reaching out to his electorate in a strategic way, but perhaps he needs a better set of talking points.

  6. Gary Lawrence says:

    It is no surprise that Obama appeared on The View. Think about it. On that show, he was surrounded by people who adore him, watched by the segment of people who adore him, and avoided the reality of his incompetence as a leader. Once again we have a community organizer as the President of the United States. God help us. If this man somehow gets elected again, the country is lost, and it is time to move.

  7. Kim Phillips says:

    Hmmm…feels more like a political blog than public relations strategy.

    • everydaypr says:

      Then I have missed the boat. Per an earlier comment, my personal opinion about statesmanship involves a more formal, traditional approach. Yet my PR mindset thinks the appearance was spot on. I was hoping that the PR part would prevail, albeit riddled with sarcasm regarding politics in general. Thanks for your point.

      • everydaypr says:

        And another thing. As you know, I'm a TV snob. While I can scarf down a burger at any small town dive, I regard the majority of TV programming (with the exception of Modern Family) as pablum. That may be what bothers me most – our President going on what I perceive to be a mindless show. But, again, it's still an appropriate PR tactic, in my professional opinion. Just call me Schitzo.

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