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Where Are They Now? Top Updates

Throughout the year, EveryDayPR has written about a lot of current issues.  Based on our 10 most popular posts, it’s only fitting that we provide an update on those people and events.


Phelps painfully learned about the power of technology.

1)    Michael Phelps – Since Michael’s public pot shot, he’s complied with the U.S. swimming sanctions and started collecting medals again.  He should stay out of hot water for awhile.

2)    Nadya Suleman – Like Tiger Woods, the Octomom’s initial news garnered public concern that ultimately left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Unlike Tiger, however, she went through about as many publicists as she did embryos.   Currently the Octomom is pursing a reality TV show in the UK.  Maybe Tiger should get in touch.

3)   Michael Vick – Dick’s Sporting Goods still isn’t selling his jerseys while numerous other retailers are.  With the exception of his recent performance against the Falcons, we can safely say that jersey sales are outpacing Vick’s football stats by several touchdowns.

4)   Michael Jackson – Breaking News:  Michael Jackson died.  Just when you thought everything that could have been sucked out of the top 2009 news story, a 2010 tribute was announced. He’s dead – enough already.

5)  Swine flu – If the media made as much of the need to cure cancer as they did of the Swine Flu, countless lives would be saved.  Even President Obama contributed to the level of fear with the inappropriate use of his words, as did “Say It Ain’t So Joe” Joe Biden.

6)  Kanye West – In his own selfless and giving way, Kanye West catapulted Taylor Swift in the spotlight for much more than her music.  Shortly after his antics, Taylor became the female artist with the most Top 40 singles this decade.  I hear she’s penning a new song called Rudeness is Priceless.

7)  Anita Dunn – Although her job as White House Communications Director was temporary from the beginning, I suspect she would have been gone in short order anyway.  To alienate an entire network at this point in an administration was just ill advised and a lose-lose situation.

8)   Roman Polanski - The 79-year-old can run, but he can’t hide.  The iconic director is under house arrest in Switzerland fighting an extradition order by the U.S. government. This guy epidomizes too much drama.

9)  Get a Mammo, Don’t Get a Mammo - November’s controversial announcement by a federal panel fell flat. The latest Senate health care hearings bar the feds from relying on the findings of that panel and do not include reimbursement changes for mammograms.  Remind me again, the purpose of this panel is…?

10)   Tiger Woods – The highest level fall from grace since Bill Clinton, the Tiger saga won’t end just because the year does.  Following the golfer’s collision with inanimate objects, he issued an ill-advised public statement, some major endorsements dropped him and the number of his alleged mistresses came perilously close to his golf score.  Tiger is simply the crisis that keeps on giving.  

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4 Responses

  1. BDodd says:

    There is a new facebook group called "I Have Also Slept with Tiger Woods." Currently has over 107,000 members. Wow, when did he have time for golf? :-D

  2. Jeanne Southwood says:

    3 misbehaving sports celebs, 3 other celebs who wouldn't have received nearly as much attention if not for misbehavior, 1 person catapulted into celebrity by having too many babies. Leaves 3 relatively serious news topics out of 10 most popular. Oh, well, I'm guilty myself — would much rather examine what's in the gutter than tackle serious issues. Why aren't unemployment, economy, health care, war issues in the Top Ten? Because it's easier, less troubling, at least for me, to dwell on slacious gossip! Fascinating comment on our humanness.

    • everydaypr says:

      It is a sad commentary on what piques our interest. Perhaps seeing others fail somehow makes us feel better about our circumstances. And you're right, why aren't the important issues at hand – like health care and unemployment – at the top of the list? Excellent insight. Thanks for commenting!

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