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Merry Christmas to All!

From all of us at EveryDayPR, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Enjoy these tunes, and we’ll see you next year!


Why Obama Fails as a Communicator

Much credit to President Obama for his communications strategy on the election campaign.  You can’t hardly loose when your slogan is “Yes We Can”, and the opponents are explaining why you can’t in the most boring way possible.  Now that he’s in office, however, Obama’s communications charm, savvy and charisma have hit a plateau.  Read why.

Unlimited Coffee to My Unsung Heroes

Tis the season to honor those unsung heroes who possess an innate ability to serve others for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do. As this week’s recipients of the Virtual Cup of Joe Award,  three gourmet cups of coffee is the least we can do to recognize these regular – and often random – acts of kindness.

Melissa Irwin – A wife, a mother (including of a Down’s Syndrome son), a full-time real estate agent and a missionary to Zimbabwe.  And she’s real.

Abbie Fink – A public relations pro from Phoenix, Abbie’s constant community service is exhausting.  Fortunately, her community knows it.

Ann Subervi – Don’t let her New Jersey attitude fool you; she’s got a tremendous soft spot for U.S. soldiers.  Ask anybody at Walter Reed about it.

Colleen Gibson – I’ve been Colleen’s roommate so I know her weekly efforts to work in the local soup kitchen are one key to her internal joy.

Kathy Dozier – A breast cancer survivor, you would never know she had ever experienced any pain because she’s always comforting others

Julia Duke  - The salvation of countless cats and dogs, Julia’s passion for animal rescue has made many a family complete.   

Betsy Dodd – Another animal lover, Betsy favors the big kind with the big hearts, elephants.  Her heart is as big as theirs.

Jeanne Southwood – One of the wisest women I know, she also shares her wisdom and gift of generosity with needy military families.

Gary Lawrence – Despite his squeeky wallet persona and anti-entitlement philosophy, Gary has  a generous heart.  His random acts of kindness include buying a brand new pair of J&M shoes for a custodian, paying for a two-hour cab ride for a total stranger abandoned in the city and repeatedly taking food to a malnourished family of strays. And yes, he’s my hubby.

We all have unsung heroes in our world. Do yourself and them a favor, and thank them this season.

  3 cupsa 

 The virtual Cup of Joe Award from EveryDayPR spotlights our pick of the week for a public relations performance –  good, bad or ugly.  If you’d like to make a nomination, contact shart@hartpr.com or www.Twitter/susanhartpr.

Where Are They Now? Top Updates

Throughout the year, EveryDayPR has written about a lot of current issues.  Based on our 10 most popular posts, it’s only fitting that we provide an update on those people and events.


Phelps painfully learned about the power of technology.

1)    Michael Phelps – Since Michael’s public pot shot, he’s complied with the U.S. swimming sanctions and started collecting medals again.  He should stay out of hot water for awhile.

2)    Nadya Suleman – Like Tiger Woods, the Octomom’s initial news garnered public concern that ultimately left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Unlike Tiger, however, she went through about as many publicists as she did embryos.   Currently the Octomom is pursing a reality TV show in the UK.  Maybe Tiger should get in touch.

3)   Michael Vick – Dick’s Sporting Goods still isn’t selling his jerseys while numerous other retailers are.  With the exception of his recent performance against the Falcons, we can safely say that jersey sales are outpacing Vick’s football stats by several touchdowns.

4)   Michael Jackson – Breaking News:  Michael Jackson died.  Just when you thought everything that could have been sucked out of the top 2009 news story, a 2010 tribute was announced. He’s dead – enough already.

5)  Swine flu – If the media made as much of the need to cure cancer as they did of the Swine Flu, countless lives would be saved.  Even President Obama contributed to the level of fear with the inappropriate use of his words, as did “Say It Ain’t So Joe” Joe Biden.

6)  Kanye West – In his own selfless and giving way, Kanye West catapulted Taylor Swift in the spotlight for much more than her music.  Shortly after his antics, Taylor became the female artist with the most Top 40 singles this decade.  I hear she’s penning a new song called Rudeness is Priceless.

7)  Anita Dunn – Although her job as White House Communications Director was temporary from the beginning, I suspect she would have been gone in short order anyway.  To alienate an entire network at this point in an administration was just ill advised and a lose-lose situation.

8)   Roman Polanski - The 79-year-old can run, but he can’t hide.  The iconic director is under house arrest in Switzerland fighting an extradition order by the U.S. government. This guy epidomizes too much drama.

9)  Get a Mammo, Don’t Get a Mammo - November’s controversial announcement by a federal panel fell flat. The latest Senate health care hearings bar the feds from relying on the findings of that panel and do not include reimbursement changes for mammograms.  Remind me again, the purpose of this panel is…?

10)   Tiger Woods – The highest level fall from grace since Bill Clinton, the Tiger saga won’t end just because the year does.  Following the golfer’s collision with inanimate objects, he issued an ill-advised public statement, some major endorsements dropped him and the number of his alleged mistresses came perilously close to his golf score.  Tiger is simply the crisis that keeps on giving.  

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Is Winning the Heisman Good or Bad?

Glad I’m not up for this year’s Heisman Trophy (as if).  While finalists Colt McCoy of Texas, Toby Gerhart of Stanford, Mark Ingram of Alabama,  Ndamukong Suh of Nebraska; and Tim Tebow of Florida all are qualified to be named the best college football player for 2009, I’m not sure I’d want it. 

Since its 1935 beginnings, only eight winners of the Heisman are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  This year’s recipient will be among many memorable names – like O.J. Simpson – and forgettable ones – like Jason White (who?).   There’s even a Top Ten Heisman Winners Who Failed at Life report. Winning kinda sounds like the Oscar curse - when the actors get the most prestigious award in film, then backslide to new low in movie mediocrity, accept a contract with Lifetime television and finally settle as game show participants.  In any case, two Virtual Cups of Joe to this year’s Heisman finalists.  May the best man win.

2 cupsa 


The virtual Cup of Joe Award from EveryDayPR spotlights our pick of the week for a public relations performance –  good, bad or ugly.  If you’d like to make a nomination, contact shart@hartpr.com or www.Twitter/susanhartpr

Fast-growing Companies Use Social Media

The 2009 results confirm that America’s fastest growing private companies adopt social media marketing initiatives at much higher rates than other companies, and that interest in social media has grown since the first study was conducted in 2007.  Read more.

The Power of Creativity and YouTube

Congratulations to Medline and St. Vincent’s Hospital of Portland, OR, for their YouTube video promoting breast cancer awareness and fund-raising efforts.  The 3:39 video features hospital employees, doctors and patients all dancing to the Jay Sean’s debut hit “Down” while sporting Medline’s new Generation Pink exam gloves.  The video has nearly 3,000,000 hits in just two weeks and was profiled this week on ABC Nightly News. Although the gloves were initially going to be an October (National Breast Cancer Awareness Month) only product, demand from hospitals caused Medline to permanently place the gloves in its product line.  As company spokesman Brian Palmer says “Breast cancer doesn’t happen only in October. Plus, exam gloves are the first point of contact between the doctor and the patient, so we wanted to promote breast cancer awareness all year long by using pink gloves.”  As this week’s recipient of the Virtual Cup of Joe Award,  three big cups of fresh-brewed coffee to all involved in this worthwhile, cost effective and measurable public relations effort.

3 cupsa 


The virtual Cup of Joe Award from EveryDayPR spotlights our pick of the week for a public relations performance –  good, bad or ugly.  If you’d like to make a nomination, contact shart@hartpr.com or www.Twitter/susanhartpr

Liars, Tiger and Stares, Oh My

Okay, who is advising Tiger Woods on his public statements?  Seriously, his handlers can’t be professionally trained in best practices of public relations.  If they were, they would have insisted on knowing the truth and the facts - without the prejudice of emotions or pride. Then they would have made the  decision of what, if anything, to say as the argument for “this is a private matter” has merit.  Any public statement would answer questions before they’re asked to significantly cut off the legs on this story.  They also would have a plan to address lies and speculation, which is pretty much all the quasi media need considering the vagueness of Tiger’s statement and his cancellation of all golf tournaments for the rest of the year.  As avid golf fans know, Tiger rarely plays  in tournaments in December and January.

What began as a car wreck has become a global inquisition regarding what led up to Tiger’s accident.  This slow-removal-of-a-band-aid approach is painful to watch, especially for experienced crisis managers.  And herein may lie the problem.  Until now, Tiger Woods has enjoyed a stellar reputation.  He’s the highest paid professional athlete in the world.  He’s an active supporter of several charities, including his own nonprofit foundation.  He really hasn’t experienced an actual crisis until now.  Considering his cadre of agents, publicists and managers, I seriously doubt there’s a professional public relations practitioner among his peeps.

While I don’t know the details, I do know that people can handle the truth and are gracious with their forgiveness.  But  you have to be willing to speak the truth, and make an informed decision that involves experienced public relations counsel and legal minds.  Thoughts?

Susan Hart

Susan Hart, APR, is an independent public relations consultant with 25+ years of experience. Beginning as a journalist, she represents clients in health care, financial, technology and real estate. Accredited by the Public Relations Society of America, she serves as Co-Chair of the Ethics Committee for her local PRSA Chapter.

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